Healthcare workers across America intensify fight to save Medicaid as Senate Republicans release shameful repeal bill crafted in secrecy

Latest CBO Score Leaves Congressional Republicans No Room to Deny Loss of Healthcare, Jobs

My Patients Cannot Afford the Cost of Tom Price



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NEP 20th Anniversary Fact Sheet


Executive Communications (Speeches, talking points, statements)

Huffington Post logo
Microbusiness: Creating a Life That’s More Than ‘a Living’



CEEs Talking Points_Conference Kickoff Event_City Hall

MCTF Congressional Briefing_CEE Remarks_KNA

 AEO Statement on Rep. Jo Ann Emerson

AEOs Reaction POTUS State of the Union

Speech_The Power of Unity_Kimberly N. Alleyne

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Shadow articles written for executives and spokespersons

Female scientists following others’ footsteps, leaving their own
I’m a nurse. And I’m terrified of what will happen to Medicaid.
Microbusiness: Creating a Life That’s More than ‘a Living’

Health and Healthcare Journalism

Cervical Cancer Deaths Higher among Black Women
Law Enforcement Gaps Leave Native Women Vulnerable to Rape and Domestic Violence
Health Disparities Cause Financial Burdens for Families, Communities and Health Care System
African-American elders growing in numbers, but who will tend to them?
Affordable Care Act makes advances to cover African-Americans, but gaps exist


The Guardian
He Voted for Trump, she voted for Clinton. Neither voted for Medicaid cuts.

Huffington Post
Dr. King Died Fighting for Economic Justice. Nearly Half a Century Later, We Continue His Fight.

Money Magazine
Five Healthcare Professionals Grade the President’s Performance

Local ABC TV- 24 Memphis
The Fight for $15: One woman’s struggle

McClatchy D.C. Bureau
Why Did This Great-Grandmother from Missouri Get Arrested on Capitol Hill

Washington Post
I’m A Nurse. And I’m Terrified of What Republicans Are Trying to Do to Medicaid.

OnDeck Lands New SMB Lending Partnership

PR Newswire
AEO Program Improves Capital Access for Nation’s Smallest Businesses; $2.7 Million Sam’s Club Giving Program Grant Fuels Tilt Forward Initiative http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/aeo-program-improves-capital-access-for- nations-smallest-businesses-27-million-sams-club-giving-program-grant-fuels-tilt- forward-initiative-300096308.html


Huffington Post
Get Capital to Main Street to Create Jobs, Revive Communities http://www.huffingtonpost.com/connie-evans/get-capital-to-main-stree_b_7606374.html

Black Enterprise

Black Enterprise logo

Sam’s Club Announces $2.7 Million Grant For Microbusiness Owners
<http://www.blackenterprise.com/small-business/sams-club-announces-2-7-million- grant-for-microbusinesses/>

Black Enterprise logo

Trade group pushes Congress to unblock capital flow
Goal: Awareness of Micro Capital Task Force recommendations on improving capital access opportunities for Main Street and microbusiness entrepreneurs; 8,000 daily loan declines.
Medium: Online
Title: $52 Billion At Stake: Loan Declines for Small Businesses Hindering Advancement
URL: http://www.blackenterprise.com/small-business/unmet-demand-in-denied-business-loans-tops-52-billion/

A Gift from Dad
Broadcast news segment featuring Angel Tree Christmas (television and online) — CNN with Kyra Phillips
View here: http://www.cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/us/2010/12/25/phillips.gift.from.prison.cnn.html



Goal: Awareness of Department of Justice’s prison rape recommendations
Mediums: Print, Online  | Outlet: Agence France-Presse (AFP) | Location: National
Title: “US Rights Groups Say Prison Rape Rules Not Enough
Target Audience:
National audience, social justice and prison reform advocates
URL: http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20110329/pl_afp/usjusticeprisonrape_20110329202111


AFP Placement


 wusa site-masthead-logo@2x
Announce annual Bike to Work Day D.C. event
Mediums: Television and Online           Outlet: WUSA 9         Location: Washington, D.C.
Title: “Bike to Work Day”
Target Audience:
Metro-D.C. viewers, readers
URL: http://www.wusa9.com/news/news_article.aspx?storyid=49522#


Bike to Work Day DC



World Magazine

Goal: Awareness of Prison Rape Commission’s Standards
Online and Print | Outlet: WORLD Magazine | Location: National
Title: “Not enough protection:  The commission to prevent rape in U.S. prisons says the Justice Department has weakened its standards

URL: http://www.worldmag.com/webextra/17822

Judge Reggie Walton
Judge Reggie Walton (AP/Photo by Evan Vucci)



San Antonio Express News

Title: “Some entrepreneurs go begging: Getting business loans a struggle for poor, minorities”
URL: http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local/article/In-San-Antonio-minorities-and-the-poor-struggle-4705185.php
Mediums: Online and Print | Outlet: San Antonio Express | Location: San Antonio

Some Entrepreneurs Go Begging
JOHN DAVENPORT, SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS Monica Prater places a help-wanted sign in front of her new hair salon in a former thrift store on Nogalitos Street. She’d originally gone to her personal bank, which — wary of her lack of business experience — rejected her loan request.





The Washington Post
Goal: Awareness of car emissions, and incentives of carpooling
Cash Incentives for Carpooling to Get a Trial Run in D.C. Area
Mediums: Online and Print | Outlet: The Washington Post | Location: Washington, D.C.
URL: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/07/07/AR2009070702520.html

 San Francisco Chronicle


First Business TV-Chicago


The Statesman Journal




Hilary Swank and her onscreen brother, Sam Rockwell, in "Conviction." (Fox Searchlight)
Hilary Swank and her onscreen brother, Sam Rockwell, in “Conviction.” (Fox Searchlight)


Loudoun Times Mirror
Prison Fellowship uses new movie to highlight criminal justice issues


Christianity Today
Hilary Swank Visits Prison Fellowship


The Washington Post
A ‘Conviction’ Q&A with Hilary Swank

Huffington Post
Hilary Swank Pushes Churches To Reach Out To Prisoners



Atlanta Journal Constitution (article is behind pay wall; text is below)

Small business loans get shut down, too

Backlog grows during impasse, leaving new companies in a bind

By Michael E. Kanell

Hold the pepperoni, hold the onions and the peppers, hold the whole pizza — there will be no baking at a Hungry Howie’s in Smyrna until the government goes back to work.

Preston Starr, owner of the franchise restaurant, has spent $69,000 buying equipment and renovating a building on Village Green Circle. To complete the work, he is counting on a $300,000 loan from the Small Business Administration — a loan he cannot get as long as the SBA is shut down.

The backlog of companies looking for SBA money grows each day. And loans to a new business are what tomato sauce is to a pizza joint: essential.

In Georgia, there’s nearly $1 billion in SBA-backed loans each year. The loans pay employees, fund operations and make expansion possible.

Banks often use the SBA to cut risk for the loans that the banks provide. Without the SBA, they might still make the loan, but the borrower would face less favorable terms and pay a higher interest rate.

“There’s lots of money out there, just not the SBA guarantee,” said Peter Rassel, business consultant, Georgia State Small Business Development Center, part of a network that provides training, consulting and analysis to small companies.

The wait for the shutdown to end has proved frustrating, said Starr. If his timetable is delayed much longer, he could be in the painful position of paying rent before he can start selling pizzas.

“We’ve got contractors ready,” Starr said. “We’ve got planning approvals and permits. We are waiting with our shovels ready.”

No one knows how long the shutdown will continue.

And some companies simply cannot take a number and wait until the SBA takeout window opens again. So owners of cash-starved businesses find themselves taking loans at higher interest ranks. And banks find themselves making those loans without the government guarantee.

“We’ve got to take care of our clients whether the government is open or closed,” said Mike Chaffin, senior vice president at Fifth Third Bank in Atlanta. “So we’ll bridge the gap until the SBA ‘capline’ is available again.”

Requests for that help have poured in, he said: Those bridge loans account for roughly 40 percent of loan closings planned at the bank for the next three months. Adding to the challenge is the need to treat most of those loans as new, even though much of the documentation had been done for the SBA, he said.

“Banks have to scramble because we are starting over on things that they might have been 90 days into,” Chaffin said.

Anything that slows down lending — or the will to borrow — can likewise slow growth. And the current impasse in Washington stirs fears among lenders and entrepreneurs alike.

The longer and deeper the crisis, the more likely that credit will stop flowing so freely, said Drew Tonsmeire, area director at Kennesaw State’s Small Business Development Center.

“Small business is just frustrated,” he said. “It upsets the market and everybody becomes more cautious. If it goes a long time, it will seriously impact credit availability.”

And when the shutdown ends, there will be a longer wait for loans, he said.

“The longer the line in the queue, the more time it could take,” he said.

The Georgia Certified Development Corp. in Buckhead, an agency that helps administer SBA programs, has client companies whose plans have been frozen by the shutdown.

CEO Tony Christopher declined to provide details, but said that among the stymied plans is a large redevelopment project on the north side of town and a smaller auto repair business in south Atlanta.

“They are just stuck,” said Christopher. “Their plans are approved (by local officials) and they are just waiting to get going. With the government shutdown, we can’t process loans to get approved. They have to sit and wait and there is no recourse.”

Another agency, Georgia Resource Capital, also has client projects on hold, said Tim Souther, executive director.

“The slowdown is not just an inconvenience,” he said. “It is a major problem.”

He has a queue of 30 borrowers waiting to apply for SBA loans and the line is lengthening, he said.

Grace Fricks, president of Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs, a not-for-profit group that specializes in small-business loans, said her agency is still able to lend money.

ACE makes loans with money it borrows money from the government – mainly the SBA and Treasury Department, she said. “It’s not affecting our ability to loan because we have money for the next four months. If this goes longer, that would affect us.”

Even when the shutdown ends and the SBA money starts flowing, the challenges to small companies continue.

Having access to capital is necessary for success, but it’s not enough, said Connie Evans, CEO of the Association for Enterprise Opportunity, a national organization that includes many local lenders. “From the café owner to the taxi driver, we are concerned that small businesses are lacking for customers,” Evans said.

There is some reason to worry, according to Sageworks, a North Carolina-based financial information company. Sales growth has slowed at small businesses in the past year, from 8 percent to 2 percent, according to Sageworks.

Yet for many business people, retreat is simply not on the menu.

“We’re in deep,” said Starr. “We are committed.”

AUDIO: 1520 WBZW, “My Home Town Radio” Show


Go Girl Finance
Resource for Entrepreneurs and Microbusinesses: GGF interviews Connie Evans, CEO of Association for Enterprise Opportunity






Interview with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta on the topic of the impact of microbusiness on the national economy and employment. Click to listen to podcast.



Newt Gingrich among Conservatives Backing NAACP Prison Reform Report

 “The fact of the matter is that we’re going to spend $68 billion on corrections costs in this country this year; that’s 300 percent more than we did 25 years ago and the public isn’t any safer,’’ said Prison Fellowship Spokeswoman Kimberly N. Alleyne. “We’re focused on it from the spending standpoint. It’s the second fastest growing expense; second only to Medicare. It’s time to stop talking about being tougher on crime and instead get smarter on crime.”

Prison Fellowship’s CEO, COO Resign

The resignations “were both personal and individual circumstances,” Prison Fellowship spokeswoman Kimberly Alleyne told CT by phone. “They were not related.” In a later e-mail, Alleyne said the ministry is not putting out a statement on Kemp’s resignation. “At this time we are focused solely on ensuring the continued advancement of our mission,” she said.

In the black and the green


“Entrepreneurship is the key to achieving sustainable wealth,” according to analyst Kimberly N. Alleyne, senior director of marketing and communications for the Association for Enterprise Opportunity in Washington, D.C.

“The other thing it does is that when you start a business you create a job. So not only is the person creating a job for him or herself but if the business proves to be profitable and that business owner is able to access the resources that he or she needs, you can hire other people and then can grow your business by expanding and hiring,” said Ms. Alleyne.


Pierre Thomas Article_NABJ Journalist of the Year Award

The Shame and Stigma of Suicide_Heartbeat Magazine

Hot yoga_photo by Karl Rabe
Photo by Karl Rabe, Poughkeepsie Journal

This Yoga Style Dials up the Heat

Kids Health: There’s An App for That
URL: http://thegrio.com/2012/08/30/kids-health-theres-an-app-for-that/

Cheerful young woman using laptop with beautiful daughters while lying on floor
© Yuri Arcurs – Fotolia.com


Kissing Is Good for Your Health
URL: http://thegrio.com/2012/08/02/kissing-is-good-for-your-health-2/

© Felix Mizioznikov – Fotolia.com


Single moms find ways to fit fruits and veggies in budgets, everyday life
URL: http://thegrio.com/2012/05/10/single-moms-find-ways-to-fit-fruits-and-veggies-in-budgets-everyday-life/


Health Disparities Cause Financial Burdens for Families, Communities and Health Care System
URL: http://americaswire.org/drupal7/?q=content/health-disparities-cause-financial-burdens-families-communities-and-health-care-system-0

Foundations help reverse social plights, perception of black males
URL: http://americaswire.org/drupal7/?q=content/foundation-work-helps-reverse-social-plights-perception-blacks

African-American elders growing in numbers, but who will tend to them?

URL: http://thegrio.com/2012/04/18/african-american-elders-growing-in-numbers-but-who-will-tend-to-them/


Affordable Care Act makes advances to cover African-Americans, but gaps exist
URL: http://thegrio.com/2012/04/16/affordable-care-act-makes-advances-to-cover-african-americans-but-gaps-exists/



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2013 International Davey Award in three categories: a) online film and video in the nonprofit category; b) art direction; and c) graphics

2013 Web Award, Nonprofit Standard of Excellence


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