Senior communications and branding professional with broad, cross-discipline experience. Strong facility for writing persuasive messages to influence diverse audiences, editorial management, delivering a nimble performance in a deadline-driven atmosphere, and designing branding strategies. Diverse skill set and core expertise: strategic corporate communications, crisis communications, reputation management, audience engagement, social media, editorial management and marketing communications.



Storytelling fuels my life. I share stories through long-form and explanatory journalism, marketing communications, digital technology and social media. The content here focuses on the convergence of all or some of these topics. I also write about branding.

I am a native of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, but I have lived in Georgia, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and New York. Now I live in Northern Virginia.

I am a daughter, niece, cousin, friend and lover of God. When I am not writing content for reportingondisparities.com or theharvestmagazine.com, I read, run, golf, bake, volunteer and snap photos of nature (on a very amateur level).

Top items on my bucket list: learn to knit, go skydiving at least once, run an ultra marathon and complete a triathlon.

You can reach me at Kimberly at kimberlynalleyne.com.


 “Kimberly has a broad range of expertise. I consider her to be a total package. She is exceptionally gifted at communications, marketing and media relations, and is refreshingly passionate about her work. She consistently delivers excellence in all of her responsibilities. Kimberly is also a great leader and has an innate talent to rally and motivate her teams.” Garland R. Hunt, former President, Prison Fellowship


“I had the chance to work closely with Kim on many high profile projects. She is a thorough professional, very collaborative, and she is also a delight to work with.

One example of Kim’s superior performance in a high pressure situation was a special screening of “Convicted”, starring Academy Award recipient Hilary Swank. The screening was followed by a lively question and answer session, which was Ms. Swank’s idea. The movie had been a special project close to her heart, and she wanted to know how it resonated with people who deal with prisoners and injustice on a daily basis. 

We only had a little more than two days to pull the screening together – 56 hours to be exact. Kim coordinated the entire event, overseeing every aspect of the evening. It came off flawlessly. Ms. Swank’s publicist told me the next day that in his 30 years of work in media surrounding films, he has never worked with such a professional team.” Pat Nolan, former President, Justice Fellowship and former California Assembly Leader


“Kim has great ideas. She is not afraid to think outside the box and she is a great strategist — her mind is just wired for strategy. She is a great leader, too. She really brought our team together and made everyone feel valued.” Motte Brown, Online Marketing Manager and former direct report, PFM


“As managing editor of Heartbeat Magazine, Kimberly has helped us produce more relevant and timely content. She’s a great writer and editor, too, but she is also a tremendous communicator, and that is a special skill set that not everyone has.” Dr. David A. Hall, former Executive Editor, Heartbeat Magazine


“In the years I have worked with Kim, I have always known her to be very professional and courteous. She is a pleasure to work with, even in high-stress situations.”Marc Ronquillo, Graphic Designer and Design Educator


“Kim always brings to mind a fond memory of one who lives with tireless drive, resourcefulness, and unparalleled courage to bring an idea to the next level. Her focus and creativity are outstanding. She’s the prize at the bottom of the Crackerjack box!” Valerie Dimond, Writer and Editor


“Kimberly has amassed a wide range of public relations, communications and marketing skills that can raise profiles and build images for non-profit, government or other organizations.  She’s a strategic thinker, quick learner and delivers terrific results for her clients, an example of which is her national placement on CNN for the Angel Tree program.”  Colleen Brathwaite, Marketing Director

“I began working with Kim when she co-owned KASA Agency. She has the right blend of boldness, grace and humility and I am continuously amazed by the innovative ideas that she thinks of. She certainly has helped my business gain more awareness with her marketing expertise.”  Frazer Windless, President and CEO, A1 Printing Solutions



  • Visionary executive with unwavering commitment to excellence.
  • Broad experience in journalism, communications and marketing.
  • Expertise in utilizing nontraditional tactics to increase brand exposure.
  • Skilled in managing multiple projects efficiently with ability to smoothly shift focus as priorities or goals change.
  • Experienced in developing and managing corporate brands and identities.
  • Proven leader with entrepreneurial vision; experience directing large teams, and managing complex project budgets.



  • Disparities and health journalism.
  • Public health.
  • The mix of social media with traditional marketing and communication tactics.
  • The evolution and effect of social media on culture and news consumption.
  • Brand development, reputation management and audience engagement.


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