The List to Beat Blogger’s Block Forever- Part 1

Post Topics To  Keep Your Fingers Pecking Overtime!
Kimberly N. Alleyne

I am a senior communications professional who works in healthcare and social justice communications. There is never a shortage of topics or issues to give our attention to. Be it a crisis, media opportunity, national campaign, or event, in my role I never find myself lacking a subject to communicate about.

I am also a serial blogger — on comms and pr, health, faith, and social justice. Now, you might think, because I certainly think so, that those are meaty enough topics to keep me churning out blog posts without ever being stymied by not having anything to write about. Surprisingly, I find myself entertaining blogger’s block at least once a week. I’m mindful that a current event or trending topic may not necessarily translate well into a blog post, but even with that in mind I should never be stomped for topics I can blog.

If you’re a fellow blogger who can relate to the occasional “I have no idea what to blog about today,” episode, then read my list of content ideas that will keep your fingers tapping. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this list, and share with me how you keep your creative juices juiced and flowing.



Review It — Let your blog be home to an occasional critic’s corner. Book reviews are great, but you don’t have to stop there. Review a new podcast you just stumbled on, a vlogger you’re impressed with, an industry conference you attended, a film, or even an article. I enjoy using this space to review branding and advocacy campaigns I like, for example. Some blogs are dedicated solely to book reviews, or book reviews of certain genres. You don’t have to narrow your content along those terms, but you can certainly add some spice to your editorial plan by including a review ever now and then.
Feature story — Readers always appreciate timely, relevant, accurate information. And even better if, instead of merely re-reporting the news of the day you heard, saw, or read elsewhere, write from an angle that advances discussion about what is likely to happen next. We’re on a 24-7 news cycle so add something of value to what your audience has probably already heard or read. We know forest fires are raging in parts of California, but how are those fires affecting the region’s water supply, or air quality? For example, the HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccine was introduced in America 10 years to prevent cervical cancer; but rather than writing a story about the 10th anniversary of the vaccine, I wrote this story about how despite availability of the vaccine and access to Pap smears and HPV screening, disparities in deaths from cervical cancer still persist among Black women.

Lists — Well, you’re reading one. Create a list of resources, tools, products, people to know, etc. Readers love lists because they are concise and easy to reference. You can write a “most popular,” “Top 5,” a list of “How-Tos,” or “Why We Love,” list. Brainstorm the lists you’d find helpful and start writing. Here is an example of a terrific list from

 17 Side Hustles That Could Potentially Replace Your Job (And How To Get Started) 

Digital StillCamera
Photo credit: List_84 via Visualhunt / CC BY

Tell Me and Come Back!

Have you used any of these topic ideas? How’d did they work for you? How do you keep fresh ideas for blog posts flowing? Leave me a comment, and stay tuned for Part 2 of this series.

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