A Great Blog Post Needs Great Visuals– Find Them Here

Kimberly N. Alleyne
Words are powerful. They’re powerful enough to stir emotions and even spark change. Movements, political platforms, marches, protests, calls-to-action all start with mere words. The written word is especially powerful, be it shared via the print or digital space. Great content pulls readers in, makes them curious, satisfies curiosity, and even inspires them to do something new or to do something differently; but text that sings is horribly off-key without great accompanying visuals.

Where can an online writer or blogger find compelling photos? Here are my fave go-to places for free or low-cost, no-hassle, mostly CC Public Domain, or CCO photos:

*I was not compensated for naming any of these sites here. These are sites I routinely refer to for my blogs.

CreateHer Stock
Neosha Gardner launched CreateHer Stock in July 2015. The site features photos of women of color. There is a free option, which allows users to choose photos from a set of pics that is sent each month, but the VIP Premium option offers unlimited access to photos for only $7 per month. What I love most about CreateHer Stock is the photos are high-quality, realistic images that show women of color in various settings. I found this beauty in the CreateHer Stock gallery:

Property of CreateHer Stock


Pixabay is a good place for free, high-quality photos and videos. There is no cost to download images, but it is requested that you “buy coffee” for the professional photographers, also known as “Volunteer Image Authors” who share their work on the site (attribution is appreciated). The site boasts more than 710,000 free stock photos, vectors, and art illustrations.

Property of Pixabay (Pezibear)


Visual Hunt
Another of my favorite places to search photos is Visual Hunt. According to its website, you can browse 354, 191, 553 Creative Commons photos. Some photos require attribution, but others, like the one below, do not. However, attribution is appreciation in these cases.

Green apples

Photo via Visual Hunt

What are your favorite sources for stunning photos? Leave me a comment.


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