50,000 Press Releases

Kimberly N. Alleyne

PR.com just released a huge study with stats on press release distribution and views, email open rates, and campaign customization.

From PR Daily: With that in mind, PR.co asked the question, “What can we learn from 50,000 press releases?” The site took a look at the press releases it has published over the last few years and found some statistics that will be helpful and interesting to PR pros out there—all gathered in highly consumable infographic form.

I think you might be surprised at some of the findings, especially around distribution; I sure was. See for yourself. PR.com was clever to present its key study findings in this engaging, easy-to-digest infographic. Also, the study itself is a great branding activity.

I’d be curious to know what the uptick in site traffic is following the publishing of the infographic.



PR PROS: What do you think are the best days to publish press releases? What tricks do you use to increase open rates? Tell me at Kimberly at kimberlynalleyne.com


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