Words Not Flowing? Try These Tips to End Writer’s Block

Kimberly N. Alleyne


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Flickr Creative Commons

Fellow scribes,

Ever find yourself spilling over with ideas and words for an article or communication, but they just won’t. flow. out? Yeah, writer’s block can put a serious dent in a scribe’s flow. I read a PR Daily article that listed great tips for breaking down that proverbial wall.

Not too quiet and not too loud

At the top of the list is to write in an environment where the noise level is balanced, not excessively noisy and not deafeningly quiet. According to new research findings, the audio has to be just right. A study found that a workspace such as a coffee shop or fast food restaurant where there is constant activity, is optimum for creativity to stream without obstruction.

The study, “Is Noise Always Bad? Exploring the Effects of Ambient Noise on Creative Cognition,” is published in the Journal of Consumer Research, and examined five experiments to determine in what ways ambient sounds impact creative cognition.

Get moving

This is a great tip. Any physical movement can jumpstart the creative side of your brain: walking, dancing, running, spinning, yoga or even  crunches. Try it. I did a few reps of leg lifts, lunges and squats while writing this post. Not only is the activity good for your heart, but it also ushers in clarity and sharp thinking.

You don’t need to pound away for a full workout to capture the spark you need, either. In fact new research suggests that ten minutes will do the trick.

Here are more my ideas for crushing writer’s block:

  • Change your location—sometimes different scenery offers new perspective for writing.
  • Read—great writing requires avid reading. Pick up a classic.
  • Challenge yourself—do a crossword puzzle, Sudoku puzzle or anything that engages the other side of your brain.
  • Get chatty—call a loved one you’ve been meaning to catch up with.

You never know where the perfect intro or turn of phrase is waiting to be discovered. If none of these approaches get your writing juices flowing, then throw convention and perfection aside and just write! Go for it—write what comes to mind without concern for grammar, flow or structure. Don’t let the block get the best of you. Keep at it, and eventually you’ll find the groove.

Write on.

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  1. My Fifth Journal says:

    Thank you for passing along these nuggets of wisdom. Invaluable!


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